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August 24th, 2004

10:53 am
i,m in italy . do you miss me?

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June 29th, 2004

11:26 am - funny
this is so hilarious...
guyss i realized I am a lesbian
i only make exceptions for one boy --and he doesn't even know it..
I think he thinks I hate him.
I think he hates me..
i miss him
i can't stop thinking about him
why can't he fucking come back already?
come back
call me
i miss you...
kiss me
kiss me
kiss me
kiss me
kiss me
kiss me
kiss me
kiss me

am I in denial?

kiss me
kiss me cos youre so good.

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June 18th, 2004

10:55 am
You are "Uncle Black"

Which Mark Ryden Painting Are You?
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June 9th, 2004

06:08 pm - g love
7 days until I'm out of that hole of rat shit they call cresskill high school..
for two months.

I have a feeling this summer will be the same as this winter- fun but with more restrictions . (my parents decided to enforce my curfew starting last week )
Hopefully I'll have a job at Rohrs coffehouse--if not somewhere else? Or possibly if there is room- art school at fit. I'm sad for the past couple of days that all my close friends have boyfriends -therefore meaning they spend most of their time either working or with them. HMM I have an idea. Maybe I should find a boyfriend! That's funny, I say that like I could just find one on a corner and claim him mine.
It doesn't matter, i don't think any boy around my age is even close to being mature enough for me to like for more than a couple of weeks. They all give me the same speeches.
The ones I like either 1. don't like me 2. have girlfriends 3. have girlfriends and don't like me.

I can't care..
I won't waste this summer
or any summer for that matter.
Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: mae- goodbye, goodnight

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May 22nd, 2004

11:29 am - my birthday
Like ashley said, i've been sixteen for 5 years now. I love being sixteen and having amazing friends to spend my life with. Chloe slept over after we went to a party in north haledon that a 26 year old man threw, it was actually sorta creepy at the end. There were these two strippers who agreed to mud wrestle in a kiddy pool so I suppose that was strange; one of them was wearing a pink glittery thong and she was really fat and drunk but 'obviously not drunk enough' because she didn't get naked? hence stripper? But, these two sluts were really vulgar and disgusting and the mother of the party thrower noticed how disgusting they were rubbing their humongous tits with mud and making rude gestures to a boy who was video taping them and screamed in their face GET OUT THE PARTY IS OVER. thats not all of it though. She smelled pot i guess? how could you not a bowl was being passed around for a good 45 minutes and came up to us and said get the hell out. This isn't funny, I know what pot smells like. Get out. Sooo I guess that was the end of it and me, greer, chloe, and kris started to walk back to the car. The cops came to the party like 4 times and when we left there was one just sitting their at the corner waiting for someone to fuck up. Grace was there with her friends which i recognized from myspace and a random boy. I guess i had fun, any night is fun with my friends so yeah. I was acting like a total brat at my birthday party though, i wanted to leave before my candles were blown out and i was such in a rush that i didn't even make a wish when i blew them out :(. That is a serious disappointment for me, not that many of my wishes ever come true but I am sad and i feel empty because i didn't make a wish and I had a chance to twice. Once yesterday and the other time on my birthday at Greer's house with the brownie cake. (that i ate half of) I love greer, she saves my life everyday by being the coolest chick ever and being the most awesome friend a girl could have. I know we'll be friends when were old ladies, i don't care what anyone says.
Current Mood: fullfrom cake and leftovers
Current Music: the places you have come to fear the most

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April 26th, 2004

07:48 pm - mm mmm mmm
wowza i haven't updated in a while.
Life is fun. Today I cut school.
The whole day, i might become entroubled.
I got a duck as a pet, he has many names.
Marklars, lawnscum, and falafel.
hes yellow and his brother died.
I saw his brother floating in a container of water and had to dispose of the dead body.
I was bored on Saturday night, and i really love tasti delite because they have rainbow sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles taste so good, they are the shit.
I'm moving to Coney Island because it's shady and cool.
This summer I'm going to the beach all of the times.
My birthday is soon and the end of school is soon.
I feel bad deceiving my mom.
its raining, i can't walk my dog.
Current Mood: dirtydirty
Current Music: the doors, la woman

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March 29th, 2004

06:05 pm - I'm falling into a hole...
This weekend was fun. Greer and I drove to Vermont and visited Timmy Edward. Timmy Edward is really hot, mmmmm yum. Then we went skiing and ate at 'vermont's best diner'. I love vermont so much. It's one of the most beautiful states I've ever been to. I love everything about it..the mountains are green and white and pretty. I'm making it a ritual next winter to go there. Saturday we drove home, stopped by an enourmous thrift store and bought some cheap stuff //everything was half off! When we got home we went to Harlan's. That was fun, Chloe and David were there but those were the only people I knew besides Greer, Chris, Rob, and Harlan. I want to go everywhere. I don't care where but I want to go. I want to go to Amsterdam and Berlin and Switzerland and Sweeden and Finland and Iceland and Russia and just everywhere. Before I die, i want to go everywhere. Just everywhere and anywhere I want. Even though i love going places, i love my home too. But i also want my home to be somewhere else,like the city or in Paris or London or Milan and just somewhere pretty and busy and exciting.
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: yeah yeah yeahs- pin

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March 17th, 2004

04:59 pm - take the time
I'm sooooooooo lazy. When I'm in school, I hate it. When I'm at home I'm bored at the computer or watching tv. I use my extremely dirty room as an excuse for not doing anything including //-history homework, fashion art homework bla) Yesterday I missed pilates which i was sneakily happy about and sad at the same time. In 12 days ((not including weekends)) i'LL be off to one of my favorite places among others = Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Moscow. Brasil! Yes actually it is spelled with and S and I haven't actually been to any of those places besides Brasil but you can't begin to understand how badly I want to visit them! The second I get off the plane in Amsterdam I'm going to the red light district to look at all the hos but not photograph them --cos that's not allowed. Then after I'm done I'll relax at a happy cafe and eat MARIJUANA BROWNIES! I can imagine walking into some random coffeeshop and being served a blunt with my latte! damn I started saving last month for that trip.
In one hour I have yoga which goes hand in hand with pilates. After I think me Greer and Simona are going somewhere to chill and relax and sit about lazily. I'm infatuated with Europe right now.. it's just a phaze I go through. One summer I was obsessed with Jamaica. Another one I was dying to go to England-- i go throught numerous phazes a year. Some I dont remember, actually most? I think that is a little bit sad. I just don't understand myself..
Current Mood: i pick moods at random
Current Music: dave- crush

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March 16th, 2004

04:33 pm - photos

simona and greer

me and greer

us again

simona looking hot

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March 9th, 2004

03:44 pm - just updating..
Nothing exciting has really happened.
Me ((Franky)) and Greer ((Skyy)) met a boy named Kyle at Union Square and pulled off the biggest lie ever. I'm a fashion major at Parsons school of Design, am a lesbian with a girlfriend named Chichi(Simona)and have my own clothing line. Greer is an exchange student from England who was offered an all expenses paid trip to NYC to take pictures because shes an awesome photographer or something like that. Greer convinced Kyle to pose for nude pictures. We've met up with him about 4 times each time making the lie worse and worse. I called 'Skyy' Greer about 20 times and Johnny kept saying Gabo without realizing. I guess this kid is just an idiot. It doesn't matter to me, he always pays for my tea.
Me, Greer, and Simona went to the hookah bar on friday and i swear the only people there were 14 and under. There was a girl there 100x worse then the girls in my school. It was approx 40 degrees outside in the tent and this girl was virtually naked prancing around and trying to bum off everyone's hookah. Me and Greer made fun of her. Everyone there was a fagget.
nothing more.
Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: interpol- obstacle 1

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